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0704-f2ENG2W-EL Course page

The aim of the course English Linguistics is to organize and expand the students’ orientation across general and descriptive linguistics, and also theoretical-methodological approaches. Additionally, it aims to provide a survey of issues on language variation regarding the English language (in diachronic, regional, social and stylistic dimensions).

0704-f2ENG2W-SSL/2 Course page

The Seminar under the label of Explorations in Linguistic Pragmatics: Issues of Meaning Construction in Semiotic/Textual Spaces is designed to integrate the students’ knowledge in functional realms of language use (that are dealt with by text linguistics, cognitive linguistics discourse analysis, linguistic pragmatics) and practical implementation of these phenomena: (a) analytical skills in identifying them in the interpersonal space, including public space (e.g. in advertising and commercials, political and legal discourse, journalism etc., (b) creative experimentation in the process of message creation

0704-f2ENG2W-SSL-ILP Course page

The course under the label Issues of Meaning Construction and Interpretation in Pragmatics aims to present the dimensions of meaning construction in intesubjective and contextual dimensions, and provide the students with analytical skills as well as practical skills in a creative approach to the process of both interpretation and construction of semiotic/linguistic formations in interpersonal space (including public space).

0704-f2ENG2W-SSLI-EC Course page
No brief description found, go to course home page to get more information.
0704-f2ENG2W-SSLI/2 Course page
No brief description found, go to course home page to get more information.
0704-f2ENG2W-SSLI/1 Course page

The aim of the specialisation seminar in literature is to develop the students' interests in selected fields within literary research.

0704-f2ENG2W-TC Course page
No brief description found, go to course home page to get more information.
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