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Specialisation seminar: Explorations into textual spaces: meaning construction/image construction in texts

Informacje ogólne

Kod przedmiotu: 0704-f1ENG3S-SS-EITS Kod Erasmus / ISCED: (brak danych) / (0231) Języki obce
Nazwa przedmiotu: Specialisation seminar: Explorations into textual spaces: meaning construction/image construction in texts
Jednostka: Katedra Filologii Angielskiej
Punkty ECTS i inne: 4.00 (zmienne w czasie)
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Język prowadzenia: angielski
Wymagania wstępne:

genuine interest in discursive formations and their analysis

Całkowity nakład pracy studenta:

3 ECTS (75h)

30 – contact hours

15 – ongoing preparation for classes

15 - work on the project/work-sheet

15 hour – preparation for the final test, along with individual instruction

Efekty uczenia się - wiedza:

K_W07, The graduate has basic knowledge of research-related terminology and methodology applied in language studies.

K_W13, The graduate has basic knowledge of selected language issues in the comparative, contrastive, and intercultural contexts.

Efekty uczenia się - umiejętności:

K_U08, The graduate is able to gain and deepen their knowledge and develop their research skills on their own.

K_U16, The graduate displays argumentation skills and is able to refer to scholars’ opinions as well as to draw conclusions.

K_U17, The graduate is able to conduct a preliminary search of library holdings, use databases and the Internet, prepare a list of references, add notes with due care as to the copyright, format documents using a word processor and make a presentation.

Efekty uczenia się - kompetencje społeczne:


K_K01, The graduate is aware of the level of their knowledge and skills and understands the need for constant learning and development of their skills. The graduate is able to inspire and coordinate the learning process of other persons.

Metody dydaktyczne:

Seminar, analytic tasks, filling out work-sheets,

Metody dydaktyczne poszukujące:

- ćwiczeniowa
- referatu
- seminaryjna

Skrócony opis:

The seminar is designed to familiarize the students with the key reference points within the frameworks of Text Linguistics and Cognitive linguistics and the relevant application of these in stylistic analysis

Pełny opis:

Text Linguistics (1) fundamental assumptions: stucture and function, problem solving in lg (2) regulative principles: efficiency, effectiveness, appropriateness (3) constitutive principles: cohesion, coherence, intentionality, acceptability, informativity, situationality, intertextuality

Cognitive Semantics (1) Categorisation by schema (generic-specific) & by prototype (centre-periphery) (2)Cognitive Models: ICMs and CTM Cognitive Theory of Metaphor (a) propositional models, (b) image-schematic models, (c) metaphorical models: types & features, metaphorical coherences and duals, (d) metonymic models vs. metaphorical m. (3) The Invariance hypothesis (4) the Great Chain metaphor...(5)

meaning motivation and polysemy (6) axiology... (7) CIT Conceptual Integration Theory: Mental Spaces and Blends

Cognitive Grammar: (1) Symbolic units, F/G & (S>T) peripheral v. autonomous processing (2) Entities: things, atemporal relations and processes (3) domains: concepts (domain matrix) (4) construal operations/dimensions of imagery/focal adjustments “camera-work”: schematicity, prominence, scope, perspective, abstraction, selection, transformation (dynamicity-virtuality) (5) grammar as image: (‘figures in the carpet metaphor’), (6) e-sites, (7) active zones, etc.


Skrzypczak, Waldemar. 2006. “On Text Linguistics: some terminological distinctions.” NKJO w Toruniu, Silva Rerum. Nr 6/7, 63-71.

Skrzypczak, Waldemar. 2006. “Alternate Construals, Duals and Selective Projections.” Worlds in the Making Constructivism and Postmodern Knowledge, red. Edyta Lorek-Jezińska, Teresa Siek-Piskozub i Katarzyna Więckowska. Toruń: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Mikołaja Kopernika, 67-85

Skrzypczak, Waldemar. 2007. “Cognitive Stylistics: Towards Dimensions of Uniqueness and Novelty in Textual Imagery.” Multiculturalism, at the Start of 21st Century, red. Krystyna Kujawińska-Courtney i Maria A. Łukowska. Łódź: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego, 371-383.

Skrzypczak, Waldemar. 2008. „Metaphor as a dynamic asymmetry.” Philologica Wratislaviensa: From Grammar to Discourse. Metaphor and Cognition, red. Zdzisław Wąsik and Tomasz Komendziński. Frankfut am Main: Peter Lang, 53-62

Metody i kryteria oceniania:

Active involvement during classes (30%)

Analytical tasks, essays and work-sheets (30%)

Final test (40%)

Very good – 91-100% (5.0)

Good plus – 86-90% (4+)

Good – 76-85% (4.0)

Satisfactory plus – 70-75% (3+)

Satisfactory – 60-69% (3.0)

Fail – 0-59% (2)

Praktyki zawodowe:


Zajęcia w cyklu "Semestr letni 2018/19" (zakończony)

Okres: 2019-02-25 - 2019-09-30
Wybrany podział planu:

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Typ zajęć: Ćwiczenia, 30 godzin więcej informacji
Koordynatorzy: Waldemar Skrzypczak
Prowadzący grup: Waldemar Skrzypczak
Lista studentów: (nie masz dostępu)
Zaliczenie: Przedmiot - Zaliczenie na ocenę
Ćwiczenia - Zaliczenie na ocenę
Skrócony opis:

as in part A

Pełny opis:

as in part A


as in part A

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